Hailees Daily Dose

The past few days when I am not being my normal, obnoxious self, I have found myself in a place of deep contemplation, being reminded of the subtle prompts life hands us if we will just listen.

Life is never easy, regardless of the status you fall under. Money is nice and offers luxury that only some will experience in ways others dream about, but monetary means doesn’t guarantee an easy life. They are indeed separate entities on opposite ends of the scale.

On the flip side of that subject, being “poor” has nothing to do with happiness either. Yes, monetary means are helpful and make things less stressful but the truth is, I have been happier having less many times in my life.

When I was reflecting back through some of my years, most of my fondest memories were from the days when I had very little. I celebrated life, family and love in ways that are fewer and farther between now and I deeply miss making those memories.

The kids and I would have silly days making memories with $20 worth of dollar store stuff. We would play and laugh for hours. During the winter when we would have snowstorms for several days in row or it was just too damn cold to go out, we would have a beach party. We’d put on shorts, silly hats and our sunglasses. We’d blow up beach balls and have inside volleyball. Music up, singing at the top of our lungs dancing around not a care in the world. Our makeshift barbeque from the kitchen stove tasted as delicious as a summer barbeque in those moments. We would sit quietly and close our eyes and go to the warm sunny days in our memories. We’d tell stories about what was happening right then in our imagination. We’d draw pictures of the sun and hang them around the house so it would truly feel like summer…..so many beautiful moments that can never be replaced.

The kids are almost all grown up now. Just as many other parents, I have repeatedly questioned my parenting and the life I have given my kids. The other day though, I happened to over hear some of the kids talking and I had to smile because I have indeed done good. As they’ve gotten older, I don’t do some of the stuff anymore because they’re growing up and I figure they’re over it. To my surprise, hearing them talk amongst themselves, they would love it if we still did some of those things. My heart was overwhelmed and saddened at the same time.

Many times I have been prompted to do something silly and crazy with the kids but I don’t because I think they’re too old and wouldn’t enjoy it. In thinking like that, I have unknowingly pushed my kids into being game junkies, tv junkies and people who have forgotten what it’s like to celebrate life in the “less is more category.” Since it’s never too late to start again, I will be starting to do all of those things I again. Obviously my kids got more of their wild~n~crazy mom than I realized and I adore that thought. I refuse to grow up and I want the same for them. The joy that brings as an “older” person is irreplaceable. Young at heart forever is the only way to go.

While reflecting about the above, I thought about many other little prompts I have ignored that I should have listened to. Not in a spiritual sense or logical sense. Just like the other little things that are small but so important to me. It’s all about the small things.

When we cut the cut the cord from monetary things we realize that we are all the same. Same kinds of problems, same worries and we all put our pants on the same. We let things like society, close circles of people and money tell us where we are supposed to fit in and be happy by the amount of money we have. Our “net worth.”

Life, the universe and karma is alive and well every day. They know no separation in classes of society. The three of them dictate our lives every day to a certain point. Obviously, our decisions and actions lead us down the paths we take but at the end of the day, we only have so much control. While we’re trying to maintain and keep control, we miss so many opportunities to make memories. We miss the little prompts.

Stop worrying about what you can’t control. Don’t worry about keeping up with the Jones family. Do what you can and let the universe take it from there. Remember money shouldn’t separate us. We’re only robbing ourselves of the most precious things in life when we allow those cycles. No matter where you place yourself remember that it’s about the things we can’t hold anywhere but in our hearts and minds.

I have lived on both sides of the fence and can tell you that problems exist no matter what. Our thoughts and feelings are the same. We are all too human and no matter what side of the fence I was living on, I have equally missed opportunities from not listening. We only get one life. We should be collecting those all too important memories.

More Love. Less Hate. H

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