Hailees Daily Dose

Beautiful Me Day 8

Because you matter ♥️

Only three weeks left of February. We need to celebrate a lot more of you! Please join us in this challenge.

This girl loves listening to the world wake up in the morning. As I sit and reflect over the things in my mind from during the week, ever so softly, the world starts to wake up little by little. The sky slowly turns from black to grey then pale light blue and eventually into the beautiful pink, orange and yellow hues of the sunrise. We’ve had a bird up in the eves for about 4 years. She stays all year, never migrates. Every morning about 6 a.n. she starts chirping softly. These are a couple of the things that I get the privilege of witnessing daily. It’s absolutely my favorite time of day. It’s also my time to be grateful to my higher power that I have another day to live and work on being the best version of myself. It’s a new opportunity to serve others and make memories. Another opportunity for more pics of the beautiful world we’ve been so graciously given to live in. It’s also a time for me to reflect on the mistakes I have made or ponder over the things I know that I did wrong in the previous days and how I am going to correct them. Every day that I am upright and breathing, I am in awe of the whole cycle over again. I love this life. I believe that most people are genuinely good and that this world needs a whole lot of love to repair the damage we have done. I believe that peace, hope and love can help us cure many of the ugly things in this life if we will allow it. I believe that change starts within ourselves and that we need to stand for what’s right and true, all that is good. I believe that we need to be a voice for those who can’t find theirs or no longer have one. We have so much to be grateful for, we should be standing as one, protecting this precious commodity we call life. We only get one. I’m always a work in progress but my hope is to leave my mark in this life with all of the things that truly make me the beautiful person I am inside. I have much to offer. I am unequivocally unique and I have something nobody else can ever possess, beautiful me. ♥️

More Love. Less Hate. H

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