Hailees Daily Dose Beautiful Me Day 9 Christmas in February

Wow. Todays events were simply amazing. I had the perfect day! I haven’t had a day like this in so long. Ironically, it was two bad events a year ago that brought today together. My heart is so full right now.

This morning I had the chance to have brunch with two beautiful, amazing women that I am fortunate enough to call my friends. We got together to remember our dear friend Dena Ravens memory. Nothing got in the way, we didn’t have to cancel and it was a perfect morning outside. The one thing missing was a few others I wish could have come. I got a text from D’s daughter saying she couldn’t make it but she was sure Dena would be there with us, let me tell you what, she nailed that statement. We were sitting there chatting about a little bit of everything, waiting for a waffle to be brought to the table. We had not said too much about Dena, I think it was kind of awkward for a bit because none of us wanted to bring her up. We knew why we were there. When that damn waffle arrived at our table, everything changed. The waitress sat it down and for a split second, we were all stunned. It was shaped like a sunflower. Denas favorite flower. We were kind of loud and in shock about the incident. The people across from us thought we were nuts. There wasn’t a doubt that Dena had indeed joined us. What emotional minute in time. There were tears for a minute and a toast then we moved on. We parted ways with the sun shining and full hearts. I had a partial day trip right after so I headed home, smiling the whole way.

The second part of my day was yet to come. I hadn’t thought about it too much because I knew up until time to leave, plans could change. I ran into the house holding my breath that there was no change in plans. There wasn’t. The reality hit me that this was really happening. Finally, after not seeing my child in over a year, I was going to see my son. He leveled up two months early and we got an unexpected visit. I have never been so excited to travel almost two hours just to sit for two hours. I waited for his dad to show up with his brother and we were on our way. Today, felt like Christmas.

I am the mother of an addict. He has struggled for 9 years and now at 26, he’s finally been sober for a year. Not by choice. He should be in prison. Truthfully, I was very angry that for the 3rd time, he slipped through the cracks and didn’t go. I had finally resorted to the fact that prison was the only place for him. I was tired of  always waiting for the knock on the door or the phone call with the bad news. I couldn’t help him. Nobody could because he didn’t want help internally. He was involved with some of the Utah cartel. The “leader” and I had words more than once. We had drive bys , threats etc. His addiction was affecting the whole family at levels you usually only see on t.v. Yep. Only a shred of light into what my life has been like. So today, 5 days before his 26th birthday, we got to see our son and two of the kids saw their brother. It was hard to recognize him in the pictures they have up. In one of them, the only way I knew for sure it was him was the tat on his arm. He looks like a different person. He has meat on his bones. He’s actually beefed up. He works out every 3rd day. He’s earned enough that he’s getting his teeth fixed. The plates are out of his jaw. He’s happy, respectful, humble and he’s thinking that he may want to continue working with others next year when he graduates. I’m so grateful for those who gave him the chance to go to this program and didn’t send him to prison. I was wrong. I thought he was going to stay in his ways and this would be a waste of everyones time like usual. He decided it was time to be done, he wants his life back. He decided he no longer wanted to be an addict. I’m so proud of him. I have my child back. It was indeed Christmas today.

More Love. Less Hate. H

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