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Beautiful Me Day 12

Wow. This girl is turning 51 soon. These bones have a lot miles on them and their own story to tell. A lot of good stuff and some pretty ugly stuff, but even with the personal price and sacrifice I have made, I wouldn’t change a bit of it. My history has helped me become the badass woman I am. I turned out pretty damn good given my odds. I came into this world fighting to survive and I will go out in the same manner. This girl, has things that nobody else can experience, take or copy. Things about me that separate me from the rest? Well, 😂 I will share some of them. My feet are two completely different sizes. Not just the normal one side of our body is a bit bigger. A whole size. My eyes are two totally different prescriptions. Last time I was in the hospital, I was the talk of the nurses station because nobody had ever seen that. 😂 I have one kidney that is 1/3 of a normal size kidney. It functions at 💯. I have the heart of a 35 year old and I have a small heart issue. ( This is new. Don’t know too much yet😂) Both of my (I have only had two) husbands died on the same day a few years apart. One was permanently deceased the other was brought back. My best friend was buried on my wedding anniversary which was also my “divorceary” date 😂 I was told at 17 I would never bear any children. I lost 4 pregnancies and 5 children after they told me that. Although I never brought a child into this world, I have 9 kids that are each definitely mine without a doubt. I should have met my maker 13 times and am still here to tell about it. I have had 12 surgeries. The only parts I have left are the ones that keep us upright and breathing. 😂 I have had cancer 3 times. Been pronounced dead twice. Psyche! 😂 I have been the poorest of the poor and lived very well off. I have traveled the world but not enough. There’s so much more I want to see. I want to live life to the fullest and at the same time, in those same moments, some days, I can’t see the beauty or good. I’m a walking contradiction. I’ve been my own gang. I have walked a 300 pound guy backwards, with my finger in his chest and I have told big drug dealers I was going to kill them for messing with my family. I have made many mistakes, taken side roads and paths straight up hill. I have done more good in this life than harm. I love life, The beauty we are surrounded by, and people. I believe that most are genuinely good at heart. I believe in hope and love and that the world around us could be a much better place if we’d all share a little more. I am a survivor. Fighter. Dreamer. Visionary. Advocate. Example. Mother. Woman. I am perfectly, imperfect beautiful me. ♥️

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