Hailees Daily Dose

Beautiful Me Day 13                     13 happens to be my favorite number. ♥️  The girl pictured below is a constant work in progress but she’s making improvements every day. I am sarcastic, silly and funny. I love to laugh. It feels good!  Funny things about me? Since my first breakdown, I have to drink my coffee with a lid on it. I don’t know why, but it stuck with me. Lidless coffee cups are just wrong. Yet I own a very cool collection of regular coffee cups😂 I will wait for hell to freeze over before I reheat any coffee. That is a sin and only fresh ground beans, very dark are acceptable Thunderbolt is the only way to go. 😂  Plastic plates and cups are for children. You won’t ever see me eating or drinking  off of one. I would starve first. 😂 I am a prankster, I love messing with people. Once while pulling a joke on my son, I wasn’t paying close enough attention. I scared the hell out of him, he jumped up, took me to the ground and we started wrestling. Long story short, I ended up with broken ribs and I had nobody to blame but myself. It was totally worth it. 😂 Another time while in the grocery store, I was having a cart war with my kids. I thought we done but no, they had to get me one more time. I was standing by a huge display of toilet paper, they came up along side of me and when I turned to grab some paper towels, they rammed my cart and the whole display toppled over. They were out of there. There I was, standing alone the whole display on the ground around me. The only words anyone heard was “you little assholes! Pay back is a bitch!” As I said those words, there was an employee standing behind me I wasn’t aware had walked up. He asked “is there a problem here miss?” My reaction was one that could only come from out of my mouth. “Little ******* got me. Who are these kids mother?!” 😂😂 😂 So, there you go. I’m mischievous. I like to have fun. Even though I have issues and not so great moments, I am a pretty damn cool mom. Parent first, friend second, and I have the best of both worlds in my family. When I stop and think about it, I am always making memories with my kids that can’t be replaced. I don’t give myself enough credit for being a good parent. I have done good. Perfectly, imperfect me. ♥️

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