Hailees Daily Dose

Beautiful Me Day 15

We’re halfway through the month. Wow! This has been so good for me. I was really apprehensive about starting this again but I held myself accountable after committing to follow through. It’s hard to look within ourselves and dig around to find things good about our true self. We get caught up in the chaos of everyday life and forget to give ourselves that little pat on the back we deserve. Internally, I find myself trying to fight those woulda, shoulda, coulda’s and kicking myself in the ass for not being perfect or doing enough, instead of recognizing the accomplishments for the day. Along with everything else I am working on in my life, seeing the real person I am has been hard. I am, like most everyone, my own worst enemy. It’s been very uplifting to give myself some credit without feeling guilt. I am realizing that I am as important as anyone else in this life. I have seen myself as “lesser than” for so long that I started to believe it. For those of you who are joining me, thank you! I hope you are recognizing some of the same things about yourself. Life is a beautiful gift and we are an important part of it. I am perfectly imperfect me and am enjoying rediscovering those things that make me the real deal. The beautiful person I am. There’s a lot more than appearance going on within ourselves. ♥️ Happy day 15!

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