Hailees Daily Dose

☀️ Good morning friends! ☀️

Sitting here having my coffee listening to the world wake up. My fight for life the last several years has been one to be reckoned with and I have been very open about it.

It seems as though even during my worst times, I have never been the person who wishes I could have a do over. Every bit of the ugly along with the good, has made me who I am and I am grateful for all of it. There have been times, I have have begged my higher power to stop saving my butt, but I always win the battle and am still here.

This human has seen and been through more than most could take. Don’t get me wrong, I am not playing the victim here, there are many who have lived much harder, uglier lives than I and I have always acknowledged that, my biggest personal battle has been the internal fight to be good enough. Do better. Do more. Be perfect.

Every once in awhile, here in the quiet moments, when I am absolutely clear, I manage to see myself in the light. I know in these moments that I am not broken, I am enough and that I am loveable and have worth. The peace I find during these times are my biggest gift in life. I’m grateful for these moments of solace and clarity. I’m grateful for all that has made me who I am and I am grateful for those in my life especially my higher power, that refuse to give up on me.

Life is an incredible roller coaster ride that can consume us if we let it, or we can enjoy the ride and do it again and again. Without fear, head on full of excitement and wonder like it’s our first ride every time.

Today, I am thankful that I am having this moment. Thankful for the beautiful life that I have been given and for the beautiful humans who love me for who I am, just the way I am. I am indeed blessed beyond measure.

You are an incredible, beautiful human. You are important and loved. I hope that each of you will embrace all that you are, the amazing human who possesses the only things that you bring to life. There’s nobody else like you. You’re perfectly you. I love you. ♥️

More Love. Less Hate. H

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