Hailees Daily Dose

Good morning friends! ☕☀️

Sitting here having my coffee this morning and I found myself thinking about things I don’t get. 😂 Seriously. Check this out. 👇

Privacy fence. All of your neighbors are putting in privacy fence. The problem is, we all have upper decks off the back of our houses. We walk out that door, have full view of the other guys yard and next thing you know, we minding your business from our deck anyway. 😂

Gated communities and HOA’s. Why in the hell you would want to live in a development where everything looks exactly the same is beyond me. I get wanting privacy and not wanting to do yard work but really? Back in our day, if you lived in a gated community, you were living at Utah State Prison.Nobody was fighting for a place there and everyone stayed in their own space. They also did their own yard work. 😂

Emergency dentist appointments. This kills me. You wake up, your face feels like it’s gonna blow. You call the dentist. It’s going to cost you extra because it’s an emergency but man you’re miserable, you’re willing to pay. You show up for your appointment only to be told yeah, you don’t look so good. You need to get on the schedule, we’ll see you in a week. Wth is that noise? 😂

Sound barrier walls down the freeway. I am personally grateful for the walls as it has reduced the number of vehicles that have come through the back fence. The part I don’t get is the “sound reducing benefits.” In our neighborhood, nobody wanted to give up their view. So, they voted for shorter walls. The problem with that is the only time the noise is reduced at any level is if you are sitting next to the damn wall in the backyard. Since those very expensive walls have gone up, the noise at night upstairs has become exaggerated. Good luck with getting any sleep especially on busy weekends and during construction. In my own opinion, put up a privacy fence and keep the view for alot less money and keep your sleep too. 😂

Other people with kids. I don’t get people. They spend all of their interactions teaching their kids how to look and act like they are perfect in front of the neighbors. Wrap their kids up in bubble wrap. Don’t let people know that you are human. Don’t think for yourselves. Put on your fake face. Those parents when their kids are 35….I don’t understand why you act so entitled and can’t do anything. 😂
My kids are high strung. They get wild, they curse and fight. They’re busy making those memories they think I will never find out about.
Then there’s my parenting skills… Go play on the freeway. You need to learn some life lessons early about dodging stuff and surviving because you aren’t living in my basement forever. You better run faster than the police, cuz I ain’t bailing you out You need a job. Quit being a baby and get over yourself. Learn to live a little because it’s suitcases for you after college. 😂

Cellphones and people’s urgent need to answer them. If I am not answering, you don’t need to talk to me. If I am not answering and my kids are around, they will follow me around yelling over the ringing that it’s ringing. I just can’t get into being ok to answering 15 calls a day about absolutely nothing. 😂

Cold coffee. I get tired when I am cold. Why would I brew a perfectly perfect pot of hot coffee to add ice to it? Just no. Don’t mess with my coffee. That’s just twisted. 😂

There’s so many things that I just don’t get. 😂

There are things that I know for certain. Life is a one time opportunity. We shouldn’t take everything so seriously. It’s full of bumps, bruises and potholes but it’s so worth living and experiencing. It’s up to us to make it everything it can be. Our days are numbered. We can choose to live or we can choose the bubble wrap. I most certainly don’t want to live in black and white and I would love for my children to have an even more colorful life than I have. Choose to live. We only get this opportunity once. 😉 ❤️

More Love. Less Hate. H

2 responses to “Hailees Daily Dose”

  1. You made me laugh and I am grateful for that.

    I don’t get friends letting non important gossip ruining a friendship.
    Was the person who told you that gossip really your friend?


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